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  01 Kerrison Bone Rongeurs / Kerrison Laminectomy Punches
  Spurling-Kerrison Laminectomy Punch, upbiting, small handle
  Spurling-Kerrison Laminectomy Punch, downbiting, small handle
  Kerrison Laminectomy Punch, upbiting, large handle, 16mm mouth-opening
  Kerrison Laminectomy Punch, downbiting, large handle, 16mm mouth-opening
  Bayonet Kerrison Punch, upbiting, small handle
  Bayonet Kerrison Punch, upbiting, 90o upbiting, small handle
  Bayonet Kerrison Punch, upbiting, 40o upbiting, small handle
  Depot Kerrison Punch, upbiting, small handle, multiple-bite chamber
  Foraminotomy Punch, up & down curved shaft, small handle
  Kerrison Antrum Rongeur Forceps, non-through cutting










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Kerrison Bone Rongeurs /
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